This is what everyone wants when they think about Linen Costs:

  • ✗ No on premises laundry wages
  • ✗ No more water charges and gas bills
  • ✗ No more washing and dryer replacement and maintenance
  • ✗ No more linen to purchase
  • Always enough fresh, clean linen in your linen room

And this is what you get when you switch to LinenCare as your Linen Rental provider.

  1. We purchase the linen at agreed stock par levels for you to the specification agreed from samples.
  2. You have predictable linen costs that are on par with your usage, you are charged a simple price per item for each linen we clean and deliver.
  3. You always have a sufficient stock level in your linen room of fresh, clean, ironed linen in good condition.
  4. Our invoices are easy to read and understand with no hidden charges. At the agreed time we will send you out a simple excel spreadsheet which records the signed dockets, delivery dates and quantities of each product.
    The costs are broken down to each department such as Housekeeping, Banqueting, Restaurant, Bar etc. This way you may gain information on how best to manage your linen. With this you will receive a cover invoice for the total and VAT.

We Assess
Your Needs

You tell us about your business and with over 30 years of experience we will help you choose adequate quantities for all your linen stock. With this help you will start with a consistent stock and we will keep it like that.

We Buy
Your Stock

Cost free linen stock: You will choose your linen from our extensive range of products, leaving you with more cash flow for serving guests. The stock is personalised to your hotel/restaurant and the quality and quantity will be maintained all the time.

We Collect
Your Laundry

Free up staff hours: Your payroll is for serving guests, not for running a laundry room. We do your hotel linen laundry at a lower cost and much more efficient. Laundry room problems are gone.

We Deliver
Your Clean Linen

Regular delivery ensures constant availability of linen. That gives you piece of mind at reliable, low cost. We maintain stock by replacing worn items free of charge.